Head of Design. Former Googler. Opinions are mine, except for the ones I borrowed.
Stylized illustration of a resume

Your resume is a portfolio piece

I do a lot of hiring. I probably see a dozen resumes a week and I’m constantly floored by the questionable design choices I see, especially coming from designers. Maybe it’s an attempt to stand out. Maybe it’s a lack of restraint. Maybe it’s inexperience with print design. Maybe they…

This little symbol’s hit the big time, but has it forgotten where it came from?

Stylized image of three dots

What is this symbol? Does it mean “more”? Is it an “overflow indicator”? Maybe it’s a delicious counterpart to the hamburger icon so you call it “the kebab”. Regardless, if you’re reading this and you design software, there’s a fair chance one lives somewhere in one of your creations. …

The customer is always right.

The iPhone 4 shot from 3 angles
See that black line in the middle photo? If you touch it, you’re “holding it wrong”.

The iPhone is a beautiful device. Every version of it has been, but my favorite was the blocky, squared-off shape of the iPhone 4 (it’s widely speculated that the iPhone 12 will call back to that design when it arrives in October). Its stark, flat, black face, and metallic trimmed…

A bookmark manager “designed for creatives, built for coders”

From raindrop.io

Browser bookmarks are a hassle. They’re difficult to organize, impossible to navigate, and only available in one of your browsers.

Raindrop is a standalone bookmark manager —complete with its own native app desktop and mobile apps and extensions for every major browser — designed to do everything you expect from…

Jason Carlin

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