Hot Tip Tuesday: Custom application shortcuts


My favorite custom made Sketch shortcuts are Collapse All Layer Groups (which I set to ⌥⌘L), Flatten Selection to Bitmap (⌥⌘B), and Reverse Layer Order (⌥⌘R (this one requires the amazing Automate plugin)). That’s right, you can assign custom keyboard shortcuts to commands made available by Sketch plugins.


I used custom keyboard shortcuts to recreate some common key commands Evernote is missing for some reason. I use ⌘[ and ⌘] to increase and decrease indent levels, and ⌘L and ⇧⌘L to toggle bulleted and numbered lists respectively.


I use pinned tabs quite a bit, but was frustrated that there was no keyboard shortcut to help me out. Now I can hit ^⌥P to pin or unpin any tab.



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Jason Carlin

Jason Carlin

Design leader. Former Googler. Opinions are mine, except for the ones I borrowed.